November 1, 2023

Derran Day Discovers Music Collaboration Partner SpoonBeats on OurSong for His Latest Single

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Derran Day

Smooth and soulful R&B crooner from Atlanta, GA. Derran Day has spent years behind the scenes as a vocalist/writer for various acts. After taking a long break from industry as an aspiring artist, he is returning to share his story through music as a seasoned vocalist and songwriter.


Based in Mexico, artist-producer SpoonBeats focuses on lofi hip hop, bringing a lot of subgenres like Latin lofi, bossa nova, jazz beats and much more. Starting in 2018 and having released more than 50 tracks, SpoonBeats has garnered a growing audience. With over 30 million total streams, he is now working on releasing more music for the people who like his sound.

What Happened is the new song from recording artist, songwriter, and smooth and soulful R&B crooner Derran Day. It is also the first new music from Derran since the release of his single My Word in 2018. And interestingly, Derran actually writes What Happened based on a beat he found online. “The beat immediately sparked a late-night stream of consciousness vibe,” Darren remembers the moment he encountered SpoonBeats’ Comfort. Hit by this wave of nostalgia, Darren tackles a failed relationship in the song and reveals his emotional vulnerability (“I was foolish to think I found someone like you when they don’t ever understand me like you do/ Girl let me know what happened to our love”). What Happened captures not only the guilt and confusion that comes with romantic uncertainty but the frustration of never being able to convey this message to our lost love, for whatever reason. Still, Derran views writing and listening to the song as a healing process because he believes that only by trying to make sense of why things ended up the way they did, can we move forward in our life, step by step.

It started with a beat and ended with a massive BOOM – that’s “What Happened” with artist Derran Day X SpoonBeats.