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OurSong is hosting a remix competition for Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter Kimbra for her new single “The Way We Were.”

Join the Remix Challenge now to win some serious flexes, including cash prizes, DSP releases, and lots more!

Challenge Ends

Entry Period: 15 May 2023 – 12 June 2023 at 23:59 (PST)

The Remix Challenge has ended on 12 June 2023. However, everyone is welcome to continue redeeming the Remix License and submitting your remixes. We are more than happy to hearing your music! 


Kimbra / The Way We Were

About this song…

“When you go through the emotions of “gun”, there is an ease at the end of that—when you have a catharsis and you feel like, I can move. I can relax a bit now. It’s that tenderness back again. It’s like, I’m so angry at the way you fucked me over, but then also I miss my relationship with these men that worked with me early on in my career. It was also a beautiful time, and they gave me a leg up.”

– Kimbra

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The Way We Were

“The Way We Were” is a song by Kimbra off of her fourth album “A Reckoning.” The track was debuted live during her album preview tour in collaboration with SoFar Sounds in Q4 2021. 

SanelliX - producer/ artist
Aaron Beatz - beatmaker/ producer
Jacob Lincoln - producer/ guitarist
Julian King - singer-songwriter/ artist
Michael Denir - beatmaker
Major The Don - artist/ producer/ composer
Robby Adams - singer/songwriter

The Way We Were


Kimbra is a 4x ARIA Music Award, 2x Grammy Award, 4x Billboard Award, and 7x New Zealand Music Award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer. She’s known for her unique blend of pop, jazz, and electronic music. She gained international recognition for her chart-topping collaboration with Gotye on “Somebody That I Used to Know.”

Kimbra x OurSong

Kimbra, renowned for her diverse blend of sounds, extraordinary vocals, and cutting-edge lyrics, has independently launched her latest project, “A Reckoning.” Freed from the constraints of record labels, she is hosting this remix competition to highlight undiscovered talent and encourage creative collaboration.

“OurSong is a revolutionary platform that dismantles barriers in the music industry, broadening the scope for artists of all genres. It allows creators from around the world to collaborate, share, and support one another. Users can upload beats, songs, samples—anything—and craft hit songs together, receiving their royalties automatically. I chose OurSong for my first remix competition because they prioritize musicians’ needs. I’m eager to hear new music from artists worldwide,” says Kimbra.

Get Started

Step 1

Create an OurSong account and get the remix challenge license pass

Step 2

Download stems of the song from the remix license

Step 3

Remix it and give it all you got

Step 4

Upload your Remix track to OurSong. And you’ve completed submission!



1st Place

  • Be the official remix of “The Way We Were” and be released globally.
  • Win a cash prize of $3,000 USD.
  • Be announced on OurSong social media and other official channels.
  • Win €200 IK Multimedia gear credit.
  • Virtual Meet and Greet with Kimbra*

Top 5 Prize

OurSong x Kimbra will be awarding 5 runner ups with the Top 5 prize which includes:
  • Get a cash prize of $1,000 USD.
  • Be announced on OurSong social media and other official channels.
  • Win €200 IK Multimedia gear credit.
Prizes-TOP5 (1)

Early Bird Prize

  • We’re giving away 3 Early Bird Prizes to participants who upload their remix to OurSong before 20 May 23:59 (PST).
  • 3 lucky winners will receive a cash prize of $300 USD each.

How Do We Select Winners

Winners are selected according to:

  1. Judges (70%) scores
  2. Number of Shouts (30%) a track receives during the campaign period. (Don’t know what “Shout” is? Check out this link!)

The winners will be announced on 30 June 2023.

Winner Announcement













New Zealand-born pop star and two-time Grammy Award winning artist.



Synesthete who might have worked with your favourite rapper’s favourite rapper. (works with Daz & Kurupt, MC Yan, Mobb Deep, Dwagie, and more)

Djay Cas

Djay Cas

Music producer (works with Nipsey Hussle, Yo Gotti, 2 Chainz, Jeezy, MGK, Curren$y)



Songwriter, music producer, and lead vocalist of indie band Echo.



Music producer, songwriter, and artist


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Yeah, as long as you’re not infringing other people’s copyrights you’re good to do anything with the stems.

Sure. You can join as a DAO, an eth address, a virtual artist, a ai bot… whatever suits you the most. It’s Web3. It’s what freedom tastes like.

Here’s a tutorial, check out this link. It’s really simple.

Yeah, there’s nothing in your license that’s against that as long as you’re a holder of the license pass. 

Upon entering into the Challenge, you will be granted a Open License to use the audio files. In short, you can sell your remix and split the revenues with Kimbra. However, this is only limited to OurSong platform. You can’t use the audio files for any commercial purposes outside of OurSong.

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions, together with the Platform (as defined below) Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy (collectively, the “OurSong Terms”), govern your use of the services offered by Our Happy Company Pte. Ltd (80 Robinson Road #02-00 Singapore 068898; “we”, “our” or “ours”) on or any associated platforms, APIs, or mobile applications (collectively, the “Platform”) as a contestant in the KIMBRA – “The Way We Were” Remix Challenge (the “Challenge”). By signing up for an account (the “Account”) on the Platform and using such Account through the Platform, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions, as well as the OurSong Terms.

  • We are hosting the Challenge as a promotional event.
  • No purchase is necessary to enter into the Challenge. A purchase will not increase your chances of winning.
  • The Challenge begins at 20:00 hours PST on 14 May, 2023 and ends at 23:59 hours PST on 12 June, 2023 (begins at 11:00 hours SGT on 15 May, 2023 and ends at 14:59 hours SGT on 13 June, 2023).
  • Upon entering into the Challenge, you will be granted a Remix-Non-Commercial-Attribution License to use the audio files (the “Materials”) that comprise “The Way We Were” (the “Recording”) owned and provided by Kimbra Music LLC (the “Artist”) for the sole purpose of creating a remix (the “Remix”) to be judged in the Challenge.
  • Other than the above purpose, you are not authorized to use any part of the Materials or the Remix created by you for any other purpose, including without limitation for commercial purposes outside of the Platform.
  • You hereby:
    • Assign all right, title and interest that you may have been conferred under applicable law in and to any Remix created by you to us;
    • Represent and warrant that you own all rights, title and interest in and to your contributions to the Remix, and that you, either individually or as a group, have not used any material created by any third party not named as a contributor to the Remix, including but not limited to samples or co-authored materials, in such contributions;
    • Agree to indemnify and hold harmless Our Happy Company Pte. Ltd, Kimbra Music LLC, and their respective directors, officers, employees, agents and other third-party service providers from any claims arising out of or relating to your use of the Materials, creation of a Remix, or any other activity on the Platform in connection with the Challenge; and
    • Covenant not to reproduce any photograph and/or video image taken of the Artist at any meet-and-greet event for purposes of publication, promotion, illustration, advertising, or trade, in any manner or in any medium now known or hereafter devised.
  • At or shortly after the end of the Challenge, winners will be notified via email ( if their submission has won a prize.
  • Prizes are described in detail here on the Challenge website.
  • Winners are liable for any and all taxes related to their prize and will receive a Form 1099 from the IRS requiring them to declare the amount of their winnings.
  • If there are multiple participants in the creation of the winning Remixes, the awarded prize will be equally shared and distributed amongst all of the participants of that submission.
  • *The Virtual Meet and Greet session with Kimbra will be for 15 minutes and will need to be aligned with Kimbra’s schedule. The Meet and Greet is valid for six months upon the winner’s official announcement. This prize will expire after 20 December 2023 at 23:59 hours


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