September 4, 2023

Crafting Your Own Mobb Deep Song with these Havoc’s Type Beats

To celebrate OurOG Havoc teaming up with OurSong to bring you classic Mobb Deep bars over slick, vintage production, we decided the best way to salute The OG working with new undiscovered talent is to showcase some of our favorite Havoc style beats that are available on OurSong.

Known for producing certified classics for Mobb Deep like “Survival Of The Fittest” and “Shook Ones (Part II)” as well as crafting bangers for other legendary artists like Kanye West’s “Famous” & Jadakiss’ “Why”, Havoc has infamously brought his gritty sound to the world and shifted the culture of HipHop forever. 

These instrumentals are open license meaning you can remix, repurpose and even distribute your finished tracks all right from your OurSong account!

So grab your Timbs, bring out the Avirex and throw on a Yankee fitted because we’re mobbing out to Queens Bridge for the official OurOG Essentials: Volume 1

Metz Beats – Night

MetzBeats is a producer based in the UK but you would swear he’s living the Trife Life in the heart of QB. The hard drum bounce and melancholy keys take you back to The Infamous days of the 90s. Grimey.

Spoonbeats – Tired

Straight off rip this is a QB banger. From the hard hitting bass to the fuzz of the old record player rattling in the background Spoonbeats Dropped A Gem On Em. 

Mid Summer – Relax

Mid Summer sets the tone for Havoc & P to share rhymes and classic flows on. The warbly piano chops are Allustrius and this beat would sound at home on any Mobb Deep album.

Steve Martian – Foundation

Don’t Get It Twisted, dun. Havoc’s production has always remained grimey but he’s never been stuck in a box. You can hear the Mobb Influence even in this trap style production from Steve Martian. From QB to ATL to LA. Word.

SanelliX – Voices

These strings are Outta Control with a drum beat that just knocks. Makes us think SanelliX might have been an honorary member of Mobb Deep. Gangsta Muzik

Luke White – Play With Fire

Luke White has you stuck off the realness. With an intro that sounds like an updated version of Shook Ones Part II and eerie keys blended with hard bass. This is The Illest.

RNDN – Black Dog

Real Gangstas know Havoc always had bounce. This track by RNDN channels that mix of dark vibes and rhythm like “Hey Love” & “Quiet Storm”.

Palmasur – Sleepy Dreams

Palmasur embodies Havoc’s unconventional style perfectly here. Blending tight boom bap drums with classical piano like a young Havoc on the 41st side.

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