September 11, 2023

OurSong and Grammy-Awarded Kimbra Unite for Global Remix Showdown

OurSong, the dynamic music collaboration platform co-founded by Grammy-winning artist John Legend, is poised to set a new standard in the music industry. Today, a harmonious crescendo emerges as OurSong proudly unveils the culmination of a revolutionary partnership with internationally acclaimed Grammy-awarded artist Kimbra.

OurSong, the dynamic music collaboration platform co-founded by Grammy-winning artist John Legend, revolutionizes the music industry with a groundbreaking partnership. Internationally acclaimed Grammy-awarded artist Kimbra joins forces with emerging Taiwanese musicians Hogan and Flowstrong for a cross-border remix collaboration that transcends musical boundaries. Their remix song has just released lately. 

Remix. Rise. Reignite.

Musicians, producers, and artists from across the globe congregated to embark on a compelling challenge: to reimagine Kimbra’s single, “The Way We Were.” The challenge promised the victorious remix a coveted spotlight alongside Kimbra on the world’s most influential digital platforms. A symphony of submissions flowed in, each carrying aspirations of winning remarkable prizes, including generous cash rewards, unparalleled exposure, and the rare opportunity to forge a musical alliance with the luminary herself.

A Cross-Border Collaboration of Unprecedented Caliber

In a triumph of creative ingenuity, emerging Taiwanese musicians Hogan and Flowstrong clinched victory in the Kimbra “The Way We Were” remix competition. This cross-border collaboration rose above the submissions of over 300 musicians from around the globe, earning not only accolades but also the recognition of Kimbra herself.

The creative process began with Hogan and Flowstrong utilizing the music stems from Kimbra’s “The Way We Were” Open License on OurSong. These talented musicians reimagined the stems, breathing life into the “The Way We Were (Hogan T. & Flowstrong Remix).” This remix song has just been released to all major streaming platforms recently. 

Empowering Collaboration and Innovation

OurSong empowers artists worldwide to co-create, collaborate, and distribute remixes effortlessly, ensuring rightful recognition, rewards, and royalties. This is called the “Open Music Movement.”

With Kimbra’s Open License on OurSong, “The Way We Were (Hogan T. & Flowstrong Remix)” not only finds a home on OurSong’s platform but can also be digitally distributed, enabling Flowstrong and Hogan to share in the royalty earnings from this collaborative endeavor. The Open License amplifies accessibility to original materials, fueling inspiration and facilitating the creation of new works.

“OurSong dismantles the confines of the industry, weaving a tapestry where global creators harmonize and flourish. Beats, melodies, and magic intertwine. I chose OurSong for my inaugural remix competition to amplify voices. Brace yourselves for a symphony of transcendent global soundscapes,” proclaims Kimbra.


A Resonant Beat Unites

Marking the dawn of a bi-monthly remix saga, OurSong orchestrates star-studded rendezvous, inviting an unbridled exchange of creative energies. 

A portal to the cosmos of stars beckons, bridging the chasm between music’s architects and undiscovered virtuosos. 

Listen “The Way We Were (Hogan T. & Flowstrong Remix)” 

About OurSong:

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