Refer And Earn Up To 25 OSD





Both referrer and referee receive 5 OSD for every track uploaded to OurSong by the referee. (1 OSD = 1 USD).

The referee should upload a minimum of 3 tracks and a maximum of 5 tracks:

When Do I Get Rewarded?

Campaign Duration:
00:00, 2023/01/18 – 00:00, 2023/02/01 (PST)

The reward will be airdropped to your OurSong account between 00:00, 2023/02/01 and 00:00, 2023/02/08 (PST)

You can withdraw the OSD (check here for more information) or use it to purchase anything on OurSong.

Terms & Conditions (important!)

  1. The pool of prizes is 3,000 OSD. Anyone eligible for the program will share rewards from this pool. The campaign is under a “first come, first served” condition. Latecomers won’t earn the rewards once the 3,000 OSD is shared!
  2. This program only applies to remixed or original music NFT, which includes beats and songs (with vocals) in any genre.
  3. To be eligible, the referee should turn on the “Open for Remixing” option and upload stems or audio files of the track to allow others to remix it.
  4. Both referrer and referee should complete personal profile information, including:
    1. Upload a profile picture
    2. Add self-introduction to profile description
    3. Complete phone verification
  5. Users should follow OurSong’s Terms of Service. OurSong reserves the right of final explanation. 

Need Help?

Option 1: OurSong Discord

Welcome to join OurSong Discrod today!

You can open a ticket with the Discord server and also meet other creators in OurSong Academy.

Option 2: Contact Customer Support

Please email to Our team will reply you during customer service hours.

Customer Service Hours: 9:00 – 18:00 (Mon. to Fri.).

How Does It Work?


Go to “My Referral Code” to generate your referral code

Step 2

Paste the code to your musician buddies. Remind them that they’ve got to use your code to register an OurSong account to reap the rewards.

Step 3

All eligible participants can receive the referral reward between 00:00, 2023/02/01 and 00:00, 2023/02/08 (PST). 


Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the program. Any referral that violates the T&C will be canceled.