#RemiXmas: Deck the halls with Remixes!

A twist and remix on Xmas: Help us decorate OurSong’s halls with Christmas-themed Remixes, and Santa Claus might come to your town.
You better watch out, You better not cry,
Better make some Remixes, I’m telling you why.
The very first OurSong Christmas Remix event is here & we need your help to fill up OurSong’s halls with some Remixed joy! 


All I want for Christmas
Is for you to make Remixes

All I want for Christmas
Is for you to make Remixes”
– The people at OurSong, not Mariah Carey

Deck the halls with Remix NFTs
Fa la la la la, la la la la.”
– No one ever, until NOW

Hint: Check out what Pentatonix has done for the famous The Twelve Days of Christmas.
Get creative. Make a Christmas-themed creation based on any Remixable NFTs on OurSong! 


Submit before: Dec.25th 23:59 (PST)

Winners announced: Dec. 29th

How are winners decided?

There’s this thing called Heat that can melt the snow.
The Christmas-themed Remix that gets the most heat emerges from the competition.

  • Click HERE to learn more about how Shout & Heat works on OurSong. 


Creator of the remix NFT with the most Heat: 250 OSD in your Christmas stocking. (OSD = OurSong dollar; 1OSD = 1 USD)

Apparently, there are twelve days of Christmas, so each of the top 12 creators get a month of Discord Nitro as well!

How to participate?

Step.1 Download OurSong and register an account 

Download and register on OurSong App.
Simply scan or click this QR code.

Step.2 Get Inspired. Be Creative!
Option A: Make your version of the Christmas carol!

We got word that a bunch of you wanna do pubic domain remixes – we got you covered!
Starting from the 12th day before Christmas, we’re giving away Remixable Lyric NFTs made from the public domain for free, so you can remix to your heart’s content. Keep an eye out for our Discord & our socials.
Simply make a Christmas-themed Remix based on one of them and use the hastag #RemiXmas before Christmas ends on the West Coast of America, and you’re all set!  

Dec 13 – The Twelve Days of Christmas
Dec 14 – Deck the Halls
Dec 15 – Jingle Bells
Dec 16 – Go Tell It on the Mountain
Dec 17 – Coventry Carol
Dec 18 – Here We Come A-Carolin
Dec 19 – Joy to the World
Dec 20 – The First Noel
Dec 21 – O Christmas Tree
Dec 22 – Silent Night
Dec 23 – We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Don’t know how to do with the song? Check out some great examples in this playlist!

Option B: Create any remix art based on the Christmas theme!

You can find a good selection of Remixable NFTs on OurSong. Check out the following tracks.
Simply make a Christmas-themed Remix based on one of them.

Velvet - Spoonbeats
Stars - Spoonbeats
made it far-Djay Cas
Trauma king - Djay Cas
Young Gs - Djay Cas
Journey - MetzBeats
Flute - MetzBeats
Chilling - MetzBeats
Someone like you - Jerry the Producer
Im not ok - Jerry the Producer
Why did you leave - Jerry the Producer
Chill days - SanelliX
Romantic - SanelliX
Starry Light - SanelliX

Find More Remixable Tracks Here: OurSong Remix

Step.3 Upload your remixed NFT and hashtag #RemiXmas

Once you’ve done your remixed creation, upload it to OurSong and don’t forget to use the hastag #RemiXmas before Christmas ends on the West Coast of America.
And you’re all set!
Learn more on how to make Remixes on OurSong here. Head here for more information: What is the Remix Feature?



This means you can take that beat you just purchased on OurSong, and mash them up to a good bunch of Christmas songs your grandma used to sing around the campfire when you were young. Public domain refers to creative works which are free of copyright restrictions, often because the copyright has expired. Work in the public domain can be used for any purpose, including commercial purposes, with no permission or credit necessary.

Gives you some ideas, right?

OurSong has a Discord where there’s a bunch of collectors just waiting to give out heats.

  • Join OurSong Discord: HERE 

Yes, 100% for sure. 

  • Learn more about OurSong University’s Remix of the Year Award: HERE


  • 1 OSD = 1 USD
  • OSD can be cashed out as USD or crypto. Here’s how. 
  • Users should not violate OurSong TOS
  • OurSong reserves the right to change, explain or stop the campaign at their discretion. 
  • OurSong reserves the right to decline any suspicious qualifications for the compensation.