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Entry Period: 19 June 2023 – 16 July 2023 (GMT+8)


Namewee / Big Bird Airplane

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Big Bird Plane
Caasi 2000


Namewee, also known as Huang Ming Zhi, is a multi-talented Malaysian artist who gained fame as an internet singer. With his humorous music videos and clever parodies, Namewee has garnered millions of views on YouTube. He has been recognized for his musical achievements, receiving nominations at the prestigious Golden Melody Awards for his catchy songs. Namewee’s creativity and versatility have made him a celebrated figure in the music industry, captivating audiences with his unique style and entertaining performances.

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Step 1

Create an OurSong account and get the remix challenge license pass.

Step 2

Download music stems of the song from the remix license.

Step 3

Remix it and give it all you got.

Step 4

Upload your Remix track to OurSong. And you’ve completed submission!



1st Place

  • One single produced and digitally released by the Music Label ChynaHouse.
  • One exclusive Live Session video.
  • Creative prize money of 10,000 NTD.

How Do We Select Winner

Winner is selected according to:

  1. Judges (70%) scores
  2. Number of Shouts (30%) a track receives during the campaign period. (Don’t know what “Shout” is? Check out this link!)

The winner will be announced at the end of July.




Featured Artist

DJ Jerry

DJ Jerry

The Godfather of Chinese Electronic Music

DJ ChungHua

DJ ChungHua

DJ/Group Leader of Da Mouth



A&R of Label ChynaHouse


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Yeah, as long as you’re not infringing other people’s copyrights you’re good to do anything with the stems.

Sure. You can join as a DAO, an eth address, a virtual artist, a ai bot… whatever suits you the most. It’s Web3. It’s what freedom tastes like.

Here’s a tutorial, check out this link. It’s really simple.

Yeah, there’s nothing in your license that’s against that as long as you’re a holder of the license pass. 

Upon entering into the Challenge, you will be granted a Remix-Non-Commercial-Attribution License to use the audio files. In short, you cannot sell your remix in this case. You may list it on OurSong market, but please note that 100% revenue goes to Kimbra.

Please Note

  • The audio material provided in this event is strictly limited to use for the contest “FUS X OurSong Present: #Remixology Vol.4 ft. Namewee”. Any use or format other than what is specified in this agreement shall not be considered as an implied authorization or any form of authorization from the organizer. Participants are not allowed, without prior consent from the organizer, to publicly broadcast, publicly screen, publicly perform, publicly transmit, reproduce, or create derivative works using the entirety or any part of the provided audio material in any form of sound publication, including but not limited to physical or digital formats such as audio tapes, laser discs, videotapes, DVDs, etc., for public distribution or use in any region or similar activities.
  • Upon obtaining the remix license, you are granted permission by the creator to remix and sell your work on OurSong.
  • Remix works cannot be used for any other commercial purposes outside of OurSong.
  • All users and participants must comply with the OurSong Terms and Conditions.
  • During the event period, upload your remix on the designated remix license on Big Bird Airplane. By doing so, you acknowledge that you have thoroughly read and agreed to the rules of the #Remixology contest organized by the event host.
  • 1 OSD equals 1 USD, and OSD can be withdrawn as cryptocurrency. Please refer to this article for more information.
  • OurSong reserves the right to modify, change, interpret, suspend, cancel the event, or review the distribution of rewards.


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